Modern Kitchen Remodeling for 2021

modern kitchen ideas

Is the sleek, sophisticated look of a modern kitchen right up your alley? Do your eyes light up when you spot a kitchen with clean lines, lots of storage, and bold colors?

Modern kitchen remodeling trends for 2021 are popping up everywhere we turn, and they’re exceptional. If you’re considering renovating your kitchen this coming year (and you love the modern, contemporary look), let’s narrow down the top trends that turn an old, outdated kitchen into a captivating, functional one.

Choose Matte

Remember how shiny surfaces were all the rage? Those days are gone (for now). Flat, matte surfaces are gaining popularity in modern kitchens, especially when it comes to countertops and cabinet styles. If you love a little bit of shine, opt for it with chrome hardware or light fixtures, but keep the rest of the kitchen muted.

Bring the Color Back

modern kitchen remodeling ideas

White cabinets will always be in style — they’re classic. But modern kitchens are bravely venturing into other colors like blacks, grays, and even deep blues. They’re also using two-toned cabinets with bold colors like orange, blue and green. If this trend intrigues you, consider adding pops of color in certain areas, like the kitchen island.

Use Smooth, Clean Lines

Before, cabinets with grooves and raised features were popular (and they’ll always be chosen by those with traditional tastes). Modern kitchen remodeling for 2021, however, is using more and more sleek, completely flat-front cabinets. Also called slab doors, these cabinet styles have no panels or framing. It’s a contemporary look that’s also functional, since these cabinet styles are easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Ditch the Hardware

Who says cabinets have to use drawer pulls and knobs? In modern kitchens, more people are opting to leave the cabinets and drawers bare. This creates a completely smooth, flat surface on the front of cabinets. It’s a sleek, simple, and clean look that’s sure to rise in popularity among modern kitchens over the next year.

Store Away the Clutter

Most people have a lot of items to store in their kitchens, and not enough places to put them. When redesigning your kitchen, you can never have too much storage. And in modern kitchen designs, open shelving displaying knick-knacks, dishes and decor are becoming less popular. Instead, people are opting for a clean look by hiding away as much as they can. The solution? Large, kitchen pantry cabinets. Other popular storage solutions include:

  • Recycling centers
  • Dinnerware drawers
  • Spice pullout drawers
  • Pullout recycle and trash bins

Vary Your Materials

modern kitchen example

Material trends change year-to-year, and for modern kitchen remodels in 2021, we’re expecting to see these options continue gaining popularity:

  • Concrete floors and countertops
  • Marble flooring and backsplashes
  • Contrasting textures, like dark porcelain with wood
  • Light wood flooring, like white oak
  • Square tiles for backsplashes and flooring

Gone are the days when traditional kitchen designs like oak cabinets with moldings, granite countertops, and shiny appliances and fixtures are the most popular. Many people are choosing sleek, modern designs for their kitchen remodels, and we expect these trends to continue throughout 2021.

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