Pull-Out Spice Rack Inspiration and Ideas

Pull Out Spice Rack Columbus, Ohio

Oregano, basil, paprika, turmeric. No matter how often you cook, you’re going to need spices. And no matter how large your spice collection is, you’re going to need a place to put them.

But if your spices are currently shoved haphazardly on a cupboard shelf, or rolling all over inside of a drawer, it’s time for an upgrade. You deserve to ditch the frustration as you rifle through that cupboard or drawer searching for one particular spice. No more disorganization.

The pull-out spice rack is a genius storage solution that cleans up clutter and makes cooking with spices seamless.This storage solution easily rolls out for a top-down view of all of your spices, making them easy to identify and grab. It’s a much more convenient and efficient way to access your spices while cooking or baking.

As you consider adding this smart storage solution to your kitchen remodel, let’s explore some ideas for optimal placement and usage.

Location for Your Pull-Out Spice Rack

Where you decide to put your pull-out spice rack within your kitchen layout can make or break its convenience. Our best piece of advice: Put your spice rack near where you plan to do the majority of your mixing and cooking.

One location option is next to your oven and stove top. As you combine ingredients and stir your pan of simmering goodness, you can easily pull out the spice rack, find what you need, and add it to your concoction. Then you can immediately declutter by slipping it back into the spice rack.

Another option is to place the pull-out spice rack in the kitchen island or peninsula — the place with the largest countertop space. There’s a good chance you’ll do a lot of mixing in the roomiest part of your kitchen, so you’ll want your spices close by.

Pull-Out Spice Rack Sizes

Large Pull Out Spice Rack

How large you choose to make your pull-out spice rack is up to you. If you do a ton of cooking and therefore have every spice in the book, you may want more spice rack storage. You can opt for a larger pull-out cabinet or multiple ones. You could put one pull-out spice rack to the left of your oven, and the other to the right. Then it’s up to you to decide how to divide your spices between the two cabinets.

A third option is to install a slim but tall pull-out spice rack cabinet that stretches from the floor to the ceiling (or to the top of the upper cabinets.) Think about what not only works best for your kitchen renovation layout, but for functionality as you cook and bake.

Look and Functionality

Do you want your pull-out spice rack to blend in with the other cabinets, or are you OK with it looking like it’s own unique cabinet? Also, think about the hardware you will use. Most people choose some type of drawer pull, since it pulls out like a drawer. But some want the look to blend with similar sized cabinets, so they use knobs. Ask your kitchen renovator what they recommend.

When it comes to spices, there’s no such thing as too much storage. But even with a plethora of places to tuck away clutter, you can still have disorganization. Smart storage solutions like pull-out spice racks help organize the chaos and give your kitchen more efficiency when you need it.

Cooking is about to become a breeze.

Small Pull Out Spice Rack

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