Kitchen Island Remodel

Kitchen islands are where lunches are prepped, projects begin, and parties are started.

Are you thinking about updating your kitchen island? A multi-use kitchen island is one of the most requested features in a kitchen renovation. Islands are the perfect place to enjoy hors d’oeuvres or sip a glass of wine after a long day. Extra cabinets and drawers keep cookware and kitchen necessities within easy reach, and the countertop above provides more elbow room for preparing your favorite dish.

Kitchen islands are designed to not only provide tons of extra storage and prep space but additional seating, as well. These central gathering spots provide much-needed counter space where lunches are made, ingredients are mixed, homework is done, and parties are hosted. You’ll never have to worry about not using your kitchen island enough — it’ll naturally become one of the most-used spaces in your home.

The key to updating your kitchen island to make it more efficient and useful is to ensure it’s the right size and layout for your space. Our kitchen island remodel experts will ensure nearby appliances are located in places that enhance workflow rather than disrupt it. And while having an oversized kitchen island is appealing, we’ll make sure the size of your kitchen can support it.

Kitchen Island Remodel Ideas

A live edge countertop slab adds natural character and makes the kitchen island even more of a focal point. It’s the perfect way to set your kitchen apart.

Adding custom panels to your kitchen island remodel will give it a unique flair. It takes ordinary island cabinets and gives them a personality that matches the rest of your kitchen.

With a countertop overhang and toe kick, your kitchen island can function as a casual dining area, too. Work with your designer to create a custom island big enough for the number of seats you want.

The kitchen island is literally in the center of your kitchen — making it the focal point and central gathering space. If you live in Columbus, Ohio create one that’s both functional and beautiful with our design experts at The Creative Kitchen.

Kitchen Island Remodel Columbus Ohio