Custom Kitchen Storage Cabinets and Racks

We believe there’s a place for everything, and everything has its place, which is why we offer ample custom kitchen storage cabinets and racks to meet all your needs.

With proper organization and storage in your kitchen, you’re already halfway there. Add resourceful kitchen storage cabinet options to your Columbus, Ohio kitchen, and suddenly, you have a customized space that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Types of Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Do you need more storage space in your kitchen? Strategic kitchen storage cabinets allow you to maximize every nook and cranny so no space is wasted. We have plenty of smart storage ideas for kitchens of all sizes that are fully customizable.

Here’s one example: Instead of having a revolving spice rack sitting on your countertop, install a spice pullout drawer. This keeps the clutter out of view and makes the most of the tight space between your cabinets and oven that might otherwise have no use.

That’s just one example — we’ve got many more where that came from. No matter which kitchen storage cabinets you choose, you’re going to love the finished product.

Kitchen Storage Rack

Kitchen Storage Cabinet FAQs

Are there kitchen storage cabinets that work in a small kitchen?

Yes! Including kitchen storage cabinets in your kitchen design is the perfect way to optimize a small space. We recommend any of our kitchen storage cabinets, but special features like rollouts, under-the-sink storage, drawer dividers, and spice pullout drawers can maximize your kitchen’s storage.

Can kitchen storage cabinets hide unsightly items like trash cans, pet bowls, or small appliances?

Yes. You can customize your kitchen storage cabinets to contain items you don’t want left out in plain view. Our clients have used pullout recycle and trash bins, cabinets covering freezers, microwaves or wine fridges, and more.

What if I don’t have much wall space for kitchen storage cabinets?

Your kitchen designer may be able to incorporate extra storage in an island or peninsula. If you choose a deeper-than-average island, you may be able to have shelving and/or drawers on both sides. Talk to your designer about your kitchen’s dimensions to see what might work.

What’s the process for getting new kitchen storage cabinets?

The process of working with The Creative Kitchen is fairly uniform:

  • The in-home consultation
  • Design
  • Material selection
  • Installation

Kitchen Storage Cabinet Company in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re not sure where to start with your cabinet renovation, give us a call. We’ll discuss your options at your free in-home consultation so you can make the best possible choice — then get you closer to your goal of refreshing your cabinets. Contact us today.