Kitchen Storage Ideas Worth Considering

Pet Bowl Kitchen Storage Idea

There’s no such thing as too much storage, especially in the kitchen. The best, most functional kitchens have thoughtfully designed storage and organization to ensure clutter is tucked away and items are easily accessible. It makes for a beautiful space that has everything you need within an arm’s reach. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

When remodeling your kitchen, remember that you don’t have to stick with only the traditional cabinets and shelving. You can optimize your cabinets and layout with smart storage solutions. We’ll walk you through some of the most popular kitchen storage ideas we’ve seen.

Tall Pantry Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Tall Kitchen Cabinets Pantry

Whether or not you have a walk-in pantry closet, you can add even more kitchen storage space with tall pantry cabinets. While these kitchen storage cabinets will hold tons of items (big and small) with traditional shelving, you can also opt for roll-outs that make those essentials easy to access. These types of cabinets not only add more storage and functionality, they also stand out as a big, bold statement in your brand new kitchen.

Roll-out Spice Racks

Pull out spice rack

Tired of digging through a bin of spices or rifling through a shelf looking for that one spice you need, shoved in the back? Enter the pull-out spice rack. This kitchen storage solution easily rolls out for a top-down view of all of your spices, making them easy to identify and grab. It’s a much more convenient and efficient way to access your spices while cooking or baking.

Pull-Out Kitchen Trash Cans

Pull out trashcan

When designing your new kitchen, have you considered where you’ll put the trash can? Why not hide it away inside of a cabinet? It’ll blend in with the rest of your cabinets and look great. Many pull-out trash can cabinets can fit two trash containers, so you can use one for trash and the other for recycling.

Recycling Center

Having a pull-out trash drawer with a recycling can is one level — having a dedicated recycling center is another. If you need more storage space for recycling, such as separating paper, plastic and cans, a separate recycling cabinet or pull-out drawer is a kitchen storage idea to consider.

Dinnerware Drawer

Cookware pull out

Who says you can only put dinnerware like plates and bowls on a shelf? Large drawers are easy to pull out and stack your everyday essentials, as well as other items like mixing bowls, pots, and pans. For increased functionality, put this drawer close to the oven and microwave so you can easily grab what you need while you cook.

Tray and Baking Sheet Cabinet

Isn’t it frustrating when your trays and baking sheets are stacked, and you need the one that’s all the way at the bottom? You bang and clang your way to the item you need. Instead, make a smarter choice by installing a cabinet that displays your trays and sheets vertically and makes them easy-to-grab.

Your brand new kitchen deserves to be it’s full potential, and decluttering is one way to make it as nice as possible. With proper organization and storage in your kitchen, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your remodel. Add resourceful kitchen storage options and suddenly you have a kitchen that is as functional as it is beautiful.

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