Brick Backsplash Kitchen Ideas

brick backsplash kitchen ideas

One of the most popular kitchen backsplash trends we’re seeing this year is the use of brick. Colors, textures, and patterns vary, so this trend is a great way to make your kitchen backsplash one-of-a-kind. After all, no two bricks are exactly the same.

So, what kind of options do you have when it comes to brick backsplashes in the kitchen? Sometimes it’s hard to envision it without first seeing examples. Let’s take a look at our favorite brick backsplashes — maybe you’ll love one so much, you’ll use it as your own kitchen’s inspiration.

Thick, Visible Grout

brick backsplash ideas

Not only do brick backsplashes bring uniqueness through natural imperfections, the grout used between the bricks adds another layer. This exposed brick in our Kennell kitchen remodel is one of our favorites. We love the rough, textured surface and white washed bricks that adds depth to the kitchen walls. The backsplash pulls some color into the room against the crisp white cabinets, and the unpolished look gives it a natural, cozy, rustic feel.

A Small Budget

brick backsplash kitchen

Even if you have a small budget and space limitations, you can still enjoy the look of a brick backsplash. For this remodel, This couple came to us with a small, dated Columbus, Ohio kitchen and some big ideas. The project included utilizing the existing cabinets and backsplash while adding beautiful new hardware and a show stopper, hammered copper sink. It’s totally possible to freshen up your existing exposed brick without completely replacing it.

Unique Patterns

brick backsplash


Who says brick backsplashes have to be horizontal? We were inspired by this beautiful kitchen and had to share it – we love the herringbone pattern and the mix of different depths. The combo of horizontal and herringbone adds variety to this kitchen and makes the stove even more of a focal point. If you want your kitchen to be truly unique, using varying patterns in your brick backsplash is one way to make it happen.

Natural Color

When your kitchen cabinets and countertops are a neutral color, your backsplash is the perfect place to add that punch that captures eyes. Red, tan/buff, white/cream, pink, gray, brown and black are the colors that you usually see with brick — and this list gives you plenty of options for your kitchen. Obtain the textured, natural look you love with brick while also getting some pops of color, like we did in our Palouse Dr Renovation.

White Brick

kitchen brick backsplash


Let’s say you have existing brick walls in your kitchen, and you don’t want them to go to waste. However, you’re not crazy about the way they look. Painting them white or giving them a white wash is an effective way to make them more neutral, yet still take advantage of their texture and uniqueness. Take a look at this kitchen, which pairs the crisp white brick with dark countertops and floating shelves. The combination makes for the perfect contrast.

Never underestimate the beauty of brick. It brings such a natural yet aesthetically-pleasing look to any room, a kitchen backsplash is no exception. Whether you’re installing new brick to make the kitchen look more rustic and unique, or taking advantage of already existing brick, a classic brick backsplash is timeless and always in good taste.

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