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    Our Columbus Ohio Kitchen Designers Bring Your Ideas to Life
    Your home mirrors yourself, your family, and everyone that lives in it. With renovation, you have the chance to personalize your kitchen. Remodeling lets you create a space that reflects your preferences and individuality. Moreover, it also lets you build the space that will complement your lifestyle and your needs. However, coming up with a design that’s a genuine reflection of your lifestyle can be a scary and overwhelming task.

    Having the correct ideas will help bring your kitchen remodeling plan together. But where do you find your ideas? How do you materialize them? The Creative Kitchen Co., based proudly in Columbus, Ohio, is here to help. Our kitchen designers bring your ideas to life.

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    Find Your Inspiration
    Aesthetics are essential in creating areas in your home that offer a space of rest and relaxation after a busy day. Our designers will ask you about your room concept and color preferences and make suggestions from that. We also help you discover your inspiration by asking about you, your favorite places for travel, pastimes and things you find joy in.

    Identify Popular Styles
    Based on our collaboration, we also help you identify the most prominent styles. This is important in bringing your kitchen design ideas to life. Our designers can work with various styles and concepts, ranging from modern, traditional, modern country, luxurious and large-scale. Our Columbus-based kitchen designers can set your mind in motion.

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    We Plan
    We know that appropriate planning will save you time, wealth and keep you worry-free. During the planning stage, our designer will work with you to integrate every item that is in your wish list while keeping the budget that you want. We make sure that we won’t have to sacrifice your ideas, and the overall kitchen quality as well. We make sure that we will plan with you, so that you won’t have to be pressured to make hurried decisions, which can get you to spend more on your kitchen remodeling.

    We work closely with our customers so that we can build the most functional layout that has great value for money. We utilize storage and counter space and help you with the direction of your design. Contact our Columbus remodeling team today!

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    Carefully Selected Kitchen Appliances
    Our designers take popular kitchen ideas, study them, and apply their knowledge in selecting the perfect appliances for your kitchen. They discuss all of your options with you before purchasing anything.

    Fast, Efficient and Effective Installation
    Once the floorplan is approved, we proceed with the remodeling and give you updates on our progress. We do exemplary work with minimal disruption and leave you with the kitchen of your dreams.

    Our designers at The Creative Kitchen and Co make sure that they transform your ideas and inspiration into a stunningly exciting, well-designed kitchen that will become the core of your home. Contact our Columbus kitchen remodeling team today!

How a Custom Kitchen Remodel Works

Columbus Ohio Kitchen Island Remodel

How a custom kitchen remodel works

The kitchen is your gathering place, social hub, the kids homework hotspot; it is the recharge station, coffee bar, wine bar, temporary workspace, chat room – your base camp. It’s your kitchen and it’s so much more than just a room to prepare meals.

From the start, we want to know everything about how you live, cook and entertain and we build what we’ve learned into your custom fit kitchen. We’ve worked with homeowners throughout Columbus on their unique kitchen renovation.

new kitchen remodeling sink in Columbus


In our first consultation, you can fill us in on all the important details: how you use your kitchen, your lifestyle, your inspiration and your ideas. Collectively we will make a wish list and establish an initial budget for your custom kitchen remodel in your Columbus Ohio home.

Kitchen Table & Remodeling


You will meet with our professional kitchen designer and work closely with them to create the most efficient layout, maximize storage and counter space and define your design direction. We’ve worked on hundreds of homes throughout Columbus, Ohio.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Columbus Ohio


Let the ideas flow! Once you have approved the floor plan, you then work closely with our design experts to choose from an exceptional variety of countertops, backsplashes, accents and finishes, flooring and lighting.

Together we review the designer’s drawings and design boards as well as your initial budget and make any necessary adjustments.

Once you have given your final approval of the design and budget, we order your materials.

New Columbus Kitchen Remodeling Project


Watch your design ideas come to life. You will meet with your project manager and review your installation timeline, including start and completion dates. You will receive regular progress updates as we work to make this phase smooth and seamless; we value your input every step of the way.

Your Ultimate Columbus Custom Kitchen Remodel includes:

  • Site preparation to keep construction contained within the remodel space
  • Demolition
  • Installing of cabinet doors, drawer and frames
  • Installation of additional options, flooring and lighting
  • Thorough clean up and removal of all debris
  • Quality Check – you inspect, we guarantee your satisfaction

Rethinking Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen Remodel Oak - Columbus Ohio

Kitchen Reface or Replace?

Consider a kitchen reface to save money on your kitchen remodel. Instead of starting from scratch, if your existing cabinets are well-built and well maintained you may be able save time and money by simply refacing your cabinets. Our process begins by either adding a laminated veneer to your cabinets or replacing only the cabinet fronts.

This recent kitchen renovation here in Columbus, showcases a beautiful reface project that preserved the existing cabinets while giving the kitchen an updated look to coordinate better with the rest of the house.

Cabinet Renovation Columbus Ohio

Reface or Replace? Continued...

In this example the former owners had painted the already dated cabinet fronts to a flora and fauna pastel motif that the new owner had grown to loath. The cabinet boxes were in good condition, so The Creative Kitchen company worked closely with the homeowner to create the kind of retro-glam kitchen that would tie beautifully into her home and rid her of the floral motif once and for all.

And voila – the results are stunning; the client is elated, and we have some pretty impressive before and after photos to show this remarkable transformation! The new cabinets are: Macasser Ebony – exotic wood.

The Walhalla Rd. Kitchen Reface Tour »
New Kitchen Remodeling Project Columbus Ohio

Reface or Replace? Continued...

We worked closely with these Columbus homeowners to come up with a cost-effective solution that included: painting the existing cabinets, removing the less functional Lazy Suzan cabinets and replacing them with custom matched corner pull-out drawers, adding beautiful new hardware universally and finally this show stopper, the hammered copper sink.

Overall the changes gave the whole kitchen a fresh updated look while optimizing kitchen space and function. This kitchen is a great example of true collaboration with our customers to achieve their dream kitchen within a modest budget and space limitations.

Before & After Kitchen Renovation Columbus Ohio

What to do about Oak?

There are many solutions ranging from a costly cabinet overhaul to a more cost effective reface. In this Columbus home kitchen remodel, we show you how a simple remodel with lots of white gives a tasteful, beautiful kitchen update that instantly makes your kitchen feel more open, bright and spacious.

The pictures speak for themselves – taking it from dark and dated to bright and striking by adding light paint colors, trim, doors, and new cabinets. We kept the original countertops to tie back to the warm floor color which helped keep our budget and color schemes intact!

See More on the Blog »

Kitchen Remodel Oak - Columbus Ohio

What to do about Oak? Continued...

Originally an all oak kitchen, Columbus Ohio homeowners Thomas and Linda, were looking for an updated look that would feel lighter, more functional and coordinate better with the rest of their home. This couple knew they wanted to reface their kitchen to save money and time. The Creative Kitchen Co. was able to keep the existing cabinet boxes and create a beautiful new look that suited their timeless style.

Additionally, the CKCo team was able to create a more functional space by re-configuring a planning desk area within the kitchen and integrating a sheet pan cabinet to create added, more practical space. Best of all, because this was a reface, the entire project was completed within 5 days and well within their budget!

Dixon Drive Kitchen Reface Tour »
Kitchen Storage Remodeling Columbus Ohio

Kitchen Storage to the Max

The Pull-Out Spice Rack. In Penny’s kitchen, the “spice rack” consists of two cabinets that slide out making everything easy to find and fully accessible.

Chocktaw Lake Kitchen Remodel Tour »
Popular Kitchen Storage Design Ideas in Columbus

Kitchen Storage to the Max continued...

A Crockery Drawer. Crockery drawers mean you’re not on your toes, straining to reach a stack of heavy china. These drawers pictured to the left are outfitted with movable pegs making it easy to accommodate various size dishes.

Chocktaw Lake Kitchen Remodel Tour »
Kitchen Storage Remodeling Columbus

Kitchen Storage to the Max continued...

The Lift Cabinet. The perfect solution for those harder to reach cabinets that greatly increases access and expands storage opportunities.

All of these amazing ideas are featured in ONE kitchen, take a look:

Chocktaw Lake Kitchen Remodel Tour »

Kitchen Design Ideas

Popular Kitchen Storage Design Ideas in Columbus

Popular Kitchen Design Ideas to Add to Your Remodel

Long ago, the kitchen was just a place to prepare meals and wash the dishes. However, today it has developed to become a highlight in one’s home. Just about all gatherings in a home eventually end up in the kitchen.

Technological advancements have revolutionized the remodeling ideation process. 3D renderings allow you to see the kitchen before beginning the construction process.

An open style kitchen is a great choice for those looking to create a more fluid living space between the kitchen, living room or dining room areas. It is especially useful in the case of smaller Columbus homes where it can create the illusion of a larger space.

Clean and simple styles are also popular choices. This includes natural light, which has become essential to the overall appearance and functionality of the kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Remodels Columbus Ohio

Smart Kitchens

If you enjoy both cooking and technology, connected appliances and kitchen devices are the ideal gadgets to create your own smart kitchen. You now have the option to integrate technology into almost every function and appliance in your kitchen.

From hands-free motion sensor faucets, smart refrigerators and lighting control systems to gas ranges equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity that allow you to adjust the temperature from your smartphone.

All these ideas and more help to automate the cooking process, keeping you updated on the progress of your food.

This is called the smart kitchen. Smart kitchens are a popular feature because it combines style with incredibly useful appliances.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors Columbus Ohio

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

White and grey are generally well-liked cabinet colors that are sure to sustain their place at the top, being consistent favorites. White and grey cabinets are elegant, timeless and simple, and can be put in almost any type of kitchen style.

However, dark jewel tones like black, navy and emerald green are also gaining popularity because they can give a kitchen space a vibrant and high-cost impression.

Kitchen Remodel Modernized Design in Columbus Ohio

Modernized Design

While concepts like farmhouse are still popular, homeowners are now choosing kitchen designs that are also modern and unique.

Simpler designs options are getting more attention, such as removing upper wall cabinets and the cabinets above the refrigerator; this opens up and utilizes the space more effectively, making the kitchen seem bigger and lighter.

White or open shelving is also a great alternative for an organized homeowners to make the space in Columbus feel inviting.

The Kent Kitchen Tour »
Kitchen Remodel Efficient Storage Solutions in Columbus

Efficient Storage Solutions

One of the basics of a well-designed kitchen is the storage. Inadequate storage solutions can leave you frustrated.

To address these challenges, you can look for better storage solutions within the cabinetry. Such solutions include small appliance storage, dividers for silverware and utensils and pullout spice shelves.

You can also include wastebasket cabinets for garbage. These will make it easier to store food and drinks as well as other kitchen essentials.

Chocktaw Lake Kitchen Remodel Tour »
Kitchen Remodel Appliances Columbus Ohio


It would be impossible to leave out appliances in popular custom kitchen remodeling ideas. Gray-toned appliances are increasingly becoming popular. Stainless steel appliances have been the usual choice in the market for the longest time, and the rise of gray-toned appliances is also worth paying attention to. The trend today is to experiment with a wider variety of tones in the kitchen.

Additionally, more people looking to remodel their kitchens want to include induction cook-tops. Aesthetics plays a major role, as more homeowners look for more unique looks to set their kitchens apart. The use of colors within the appliances is a welcomed trend, anything from blue to sunshine yellow.

Never overlook the value of a well-designed kitchen sink. Current kitchen sink trends include granite, porcelain, stainless steel, trough and under mount. Another interesting kitchen sink element is the use of copper. Copper sinks are becoming more and more popular in Columbus and beyond, and really add an interesting element to the space.

The Clearview Ave. Kitchen Remodel Tour »
Kitchen Remodel Hardwood & Ceramic Flooring in Columbus Ohio

Hardwood & Ceramic Flooring

Although hardwood flooring will still continue to be very popular, ceramic flooring will also get increased attention. Due to the development of technology, various new designs are now available for ceramic flooring including tiles that appear precisely like hardwood flooring.

If you wish to retain the hardwood look but want a material that is easier to maintain, consider using ceramic. Ceramic tiles can also be designed to look like other materials such as natural stone.

We hope that these popular kitchen ideas can serve as references for your custom kitchen remodeling project in Columbus.

The Creative Kitchen Co. Kitchens

White and Gray Kitchen Remodel in Columbus


Love our kitchen every day! Thank you @thecreativekitchenco for doing a beautiful job.

– Jen
The Shoreham Drive Kitchen Remodel Tour »
Kitchen island remodeling columbus ohio


The Creative Kitchen Co. team is wonderful: They are wonderful craftsmen, and also completely honest and trustworthy. I felt very comfortable having the workers in my home every day.

They turned a mistake I made into something really extraordinary: I ordered cabinets that were about eight inches too short; there was a gap between the top of the cupboards and the ceiling that looked awkward.

I found some intricate molding that I really liked and sent it to the team: They built custom molding to fit that awkward space. It works so well that I’m glad I ordered the wrong cabinets.

– Lauren
The Essex Kitchen Tour »
new kitchen island in columbus ohio


We weren’t experienced in working with builders, and didn’t really know what to expect during a home building project. Fortunately, The Creative Kitchen Co. team filled in our knowledge gap. They were so easy to work with, and very consultative. Their attitude: Anything is possible. They listened carefully to our goals, and asked us a lot of questions. We felt like we created the plans together. The team does terrific work: The kitchen is beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

– John
The Darby Lakes Kitchen Tour »
new kitchen renovation in columbus ohio home


We hired the Creative Kitchen Company to come in and reface our dated oak cabinets, install a glass backsplash, and added a custom pantry. The quality of their work is exceptional. They were such a pleasure to work with. They were on time every day and were dead on with their ETA to complete the project.

They have a great eye for design and held our hand every step of the way. I had multiple companies provide quotes and they were by far the best and worth every penny. I would highly recommend them for anyone in Columbus, you will not be disappointed.

– Taylor
The Highwall Way Kitchen Tour »
cabinet refacing columbus ohio


The work on my cabinet refacing and countertop and backsplash replacement done by The Creative Kitchen Co. was an amazing transformation for my hime. The update has totally changed my home for the better. The attention paid to every detail by everyone who worked on the project fit my very discerning eye. They transformed my kitchen from an embarrassment to a showpiece and was done quickly, precisely and on budget. Everyone who worked on the project was professional and respectful. I am so very pleased with the results and enjoy showing off my kitchen to friends, family, and neighbors. I’d recommend them for any project, large or small.

– Heather
The Walhalla Rd. Kitchen Reface Tour »
utica ohio kitchen renovation


I couldn’t believe The Creative Kitchen Co. was able to help me source so many of the unique things I was finding and trying to replicate – we wanted to renovate and maintain the true custom farm house styling but with a modern twist – we have been thrilled with the results. Our kitchen is a showcase and the centerpiece of our country home.

– Laura
The Utica Kitchen Tour »
kitchen renovation and hood columbus ohio


I talked with several contractors in Columbus before I met with the folks at The Creative Kitchen Co. I knew immediately that these were the people to take on our project: they listened to me about how I live my life with my family.

They created a gorgeous kitchen for me, and it was a great experience. They were so polite, they did great work and they finished on budget. I love my new kitchen; I wouldn’t change one thing.”

– Trisha
The Wyandotte Kitchen Tour »

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