Kitchen Renovation (or Makeover) Stress? 6 Tips to Ease Your Anxiety

Kitchen Remodel Stress

Are you starting a kitchen remodel soon, or thinking about doing so? Congratulations! The kitchen makeover process is exciting and is sure to result in a functional, beautiful space you’ll be proud of for years to come. But it’s also a huge project, and with big projects comes added stress.

Renovating any room can be mentally and physically taxing, but considering the kitchen is often the most-used space, this project tops the list. But with a little bit of preparation and planning, we’ll help you take the stress out of your kitchen makeover.

Accept the chaos

Do messes give you anxiety? Do you thrive when you have a spotless kitchen and clutter-free home? Take a breath and accept that during your kitchen renovation, there will be some disorder you can’t control. There will be dust, dirt, and mess — but it’s only temporary. This short-term chaos will lead to a long-term kitchen you can keep as clean as you’d like. It’s worth it in the end.

Set up a makeshift kitchen

It’s true you’ll probably eat more pizza and takeout since you can’t cook while your kitchen is being rebuilt. It’s smart to set up access to a few essentials that don’t take up much space in your home.

Designate a small area in a different room of your home (maybe your dining room or family room). Set up a table with a microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, and/or mini fridge. Stock up on paper plates, cups, and utensils to reduce the number of dishes you have to hand wash in the bathroom sink. Don’t forget to transfer essentials like your favorite coffee mug to this makeshift area when you pack up your kitchen.

Budget for restaurants

As we already mentioned, you won’t be making home-cooked meals for a while. It’s important to plan ahead for extra spending on takeout, convenience foods you can make in the microwave or toaster oven, and eating out.

Again, this is only temporary, so budget for at least the amount of time your kitchen makeover is set to take.

Use your vacation time

Once the project has begun, it’s not a bad idea to escape the noise and debris. If you have extra vacation time you need to use up, take a few days to get away while the project rolls along without you there. You’ll feel less stressed spending time outside of a construction zone, and you’ll come back feeling refreshed and excited again.

Be upfront with your contractor

Clear communication is important for any working relationship, including the one you have with your renovation team. See something you don’t like or didn’t agree to? Bring it up. Need something else done that your contractor doesn’t know you want? Mention it. Talk through the additional costs, potential barriers and additional time that these new ideas would entail but don’t be afraid to tell your contractor what they need to know to get the job done to meet your standards. This is arguably the most important renovation you will make, it’s vital that you walk away with a kitchen that fully meets your needs.

Stick to your routine

Part of the stress of a kitchen renovation is the change it involves. Your favorite room in the house is now unusable. Maybe you’re sleeping in the guest room to avoid the noise. Or maybe your adjacent rooms are dirty with dust and you spend more time than you’d like cleaning.

To feel normal and less stressed, focus on the parts of your routine that haven’t changed. In this time of change, stick to those constants as closely as you can.

There are so many benefits to a kitchen remodel, but added stress is definitely a downfall. Don’t worry — it’s temporary. And everyone that now has their dream kitchen has said that it’s totally worth it! We take every measure to make the process as seamless as possible.

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