Kitchen Reface vs. Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Reface vs Kitchen Remodel

You’re standing in your kitchen examining the cabinets. You’re not crazy about them — you haven’t been since you moved in. But you know totally replacing them is a big project. Is a kitchen reface a better option?

There are pros and cons to both kitchen refacing and kitchen remodeling. Sometimes, you can reface the existing cabinets and save money while loving the finished product. Other times, it’s best to start from scratch with a full kitchen remodel. Let’s walk through the different reasons to try a kitchen reface vs. kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Reface Pros

One of the primary reasons people choose to reface their cabinets instead of totally replacing them is cost. If your budget doesn’t allow for a full kitchen remodel, refacing could be a happy medium.

According to HomeAdvisor, cabinet refacing costs $7,133 on average, and it’s usually about a 30% to 50% lower cost than replacing custom or semi-custom cabinets. You will likely save money if you opt to reface your cabinets.

Another reason to choose kitchen refacing is the length of time the project will take. Instead of totally demolishing your existing kitchen cabinets, refacing only involves replacing the cabinet doors and drawers, adding veneer to the cabinet boxes, and updating hardware. This takes significantly less time to complete.

Kitchen Reface Cons

On the other hand, if your cabinet frames are in poor shape or are ridiculously outdated, totally replacing may be the best option. Refacing cabinets does not improve the frame or structure of your cabinets, it’s simply a facelift.

Kitchen Remodel Pros

Now you’re probably scratching your chin wondering if a kitchen remodel is the next right step. It’s the ideal choice if you not only want an update to your cabinet’s look, but an update to your kitchen’s layout.

Kitchen refacing uses the existing cabinet and countertop layout, so you can’t make any improvements there. But a full remodel allows you to better optimize the space and improve efficiencies in the kitchen. Cabinets are the heart of your kitchen, and if they don’t work for you, the entire kitchen won’t work for you.

In addition to layout efficiencies, you can also improve the kitchen storage and functionality of your cabinets with a remodel. For example, you can install that pull-out spice rack you’ve always wanted, or the lazy susan your current kitchen is missing. Say hello to more storage.

Lastly, in hot housing markets, a fully updated kitchen with an efficient, functional layout is almost certainly a good investment for resale. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, and an updated kitchen will surely spark interest when selling your home.

Kitchen Remodel Cons

Obviously you know by now that a full kitchen remodel costs more than a kitchen reface. New cabinets can take up as much as 50% of the total renovation budget, and changing a layout can involve moving plumbing and electrical, as well — increasing labor costs.

Remodeling a kitchen can also be stressful, especially if you don’t have an experienced, flexible contractor like our experts at The Creative Kitchen Co. leading the way. It’s a large undertaking that will have you living without a functional kitchen for at least a few weeks.

Overall, there are reasons for and against a kitchen reface vs. kitchen remodel. It’s up to you to weigh your options and decide which route you want to take. Either way, the end goal is the same: A beautiful kitchen you’ll love to look at.

Kitchen Remodels & Refacing Solutions

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