What are the Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling?

What are the Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling

Dreaming about that updated, functional kitchen you’ve always wanted? You may be thinking about the benefits of starting such a remodeling project. Is it worth the time, energy, and cost?

There are so many benefits to kitchen remodels, especially if you live in a “hot” housing market. Let’s explore all of the reasons why redoing your kitchen is a good idea.

Increased Home Value

As you probably already know, kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in a home. Kitchens are often the gathering place of the home, and a great deal of time is spent there. It goes without saying that kitchens are usually at the top of the priority list for potential homebuyers.

In good housing markets, remodeling your kitchen is sure to be a positive investment. Updated kitchens appeal to buyers, can increase the sale price of your home, and help your home sell faster. Even minor kitchen remodels, like refacing your cabinets instead of totally replacing them, recoup 92.9 percent of the cost upon resale, on average.

Better Functionality

Is your current kitchen small, inefficient, and lacking the storage space you need? Do you find yourself bumping into family members as you try to prepare a meal or do the dishes?

One of the benefits of kitchen remodeling is improving the functionality of the space. With a new kitchen design, you can create a layout that flows better, reduces traffic jams, and improves efficiencies. You can also add cabinets with smarter storage solutions, such as pull-out trash can cabinets, pull-out spice racks, or large pantry cabinets.


Who says a kitchen remodel has to cost you an arm and a leg? There are plenty of strategic ways to update your kitchen while saving money in the long-term.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Instead of buying all new cabinets, paint or refinish your existing ones
  • Refresh your hardware and light fixtures
  • Add a fresh tile backsplash, which usually only costs a few hundred dollars in materials
  • Opt for more affordable flooring, like vinyl plank floors, instead of more expensive options like real hardwood

Better Cooking Experiences

At the end of the day, your kitchen is a place for meal creation. If it doesn’t give you the space, tools and atmosphere you need for cooking or enjoying meals, an update (big or small) is sure to help.

A kitchen should be a welcoming environment where families can come together to cook, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. It should be a place of warm, happy memories. If your outdated kitchen is keeping you from experiencing this, a remodel can make all the difference.

The use you get out of your kitchen and the positive experiences that happen within it are the biggest benefit of all.

Kitchen Remodels & Refacing Solutions

Every home deserves a kitchen that’s beautiful, welcoming, and functional — designed for the way you live. Established by two long-time central Ohio homebuilders and craftsmen, The Creative Kitchen Co. offers customized kitchen remodeling and refacing solutions. Contact us for more information.