A Kitchen Designed for The Whole Family

When thinking about remodeling or refacing your kitchen you have to think about not only your needs, but your family’s needs too. This full kitchen remodel is just that. When taking an initial look at this space, we asked if the family was using their dining room – the answer was no. These days, it is very common to not use your dining room as a formal eating area, and in this house, they decided a larger kitchen was more purposeful for their everyday needs. More room to eat, cook and play!

This open and inviting kitchen provides so much space for the kiddos in the house to do their homework, bake cookies with mom or start a fun new art project. Whatever it may be, it’s bringing the family to one area, allowing them to spend more time together.

This kitchen is loaded with great features both technical and functional. The Island – is everything we’ve been dreaming of, it’s a glorious 11-foot quartz island with seating for five and extra storage with cabinets and drawers built within. Not to mention, the counter space where lunches are prepped, projects are started and parties are hosted, making this the kitchen island of their dreams – so versatile.

Large Kitchen Island

The Custom Built-in Shelving – adds so much character here and allow the homeowner to stay organized by having a home for all of their books on the shelves and supplies in the cabinets. At first, this client had planned for this wall to be empty and as the project begun, she said she couldn’t imagine not having something to look at on that wall. We worked closely with the homeowners to come up with this dynamic space that they now use to display things that fit their personality and keep them organized. They (and we) love how it turned out!

Custom Built-in Shelving

Butcher Block Countertop

The Hidden Freezer – where all the good stuff is stored. We love when our clients share their needs with us, and this client happened to mention they use their chest freezer stored in their basement quite often. Again, we were able to work with the homeowner to come up with this clever and convenient way to incorporate the butcher block counter tops towards the back of the kitchen – we designed the countertop to lift open for easy access to the chest freezer. It’s like a speak easy to all your favorite treats, this family loves frozen pizza (don’t we all), pretty sure there is some ice cream down there somewhere.

Hidden Freezer in Kitchen

Secret Chest Freezer in Kitchen

At the end of the day we want to make your kitchen dreams come true, if that means tearing down a wall and extending the kitchen into your dining room, then we are here for it. If you want an extra-large island and secret compartments, we are all in!

Beautiful Columbus, Ohio Kitchen