Trendy Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Dark Cabinets

full height backsplash with dark cabinets

Adding a backsplash to a kitchen is usually one of the last items on the renovation checklist. With so many materials to choose from, it’s often difficult to decide which type of backsplash will pair perfectly with your cabinets. If you have darker cabinets, should you choose a lighter backsplash to add some variation? Or should you go with a backsplash that has parts that match your darker cabinets, so it pulls everything together?

Decisions, decisions. Luckily, we’ve worked with many clients who’ve chosen darker cabinets for their kitchen remodels. Take a look at what backsplashes they chose — use these examples to help you decide what you prefer for your own kitchen.

Gray Stacked Stone

gray stacked stone backsplash with dark cabinets

If there’s one word to describe 2023 design trends, it’s texture. We’re seeing more and more textured tile and stone in kitchen backsplashes. When the backsplash has a rough or asymmetrical surface, it gives a multi-dimensional appearance. This adds a unique yet sophisticated look to any room, including kitchens that have dark cabinets.

See it in a real kitchen: Our client in Plain City, Ohio used a textured stone backsplash with dark espresso cabinets, and we think it turned out fantastic. The colors work well together and the stacked stone material adds a focal point to the updated space.

Stainless Steel Slabs

stainless steel backsplash

Do you want your kitchen to have something that none of your neighbors have? Go with a unique feature like a stainless steel or marble slab backsplash. More people are opting for one large slab as a backsplash instead of the go-to smaller tiles grouted together. We love the sleek, smooth finish this type of backsplash provides, and it definitely pairs well against darker cabinet colors.

See it in a real kitchen: This Clintonville, Ohio kitchen involved refacing the cabinets to something more modern and updated. Paired with the stainless steel backsplash, the end result was a retro-glam kitchen that fit the rest of the client’s home perfectly.

Subway Tile with a Deco Strip

subway tile accent strip

If traditional is more your style, you can’t go wrong with a subway tile backsplash. It’s a neutral material that will always look good. To give an uninteresting subway tile backsplash a little more personality, add a deco strip that includes a fresh pattern and multiple colors. For examp[le, you could pair black kitchen cabinets with a white subway tile and a deco strip that mixes both white and black in a trendy pattern. This pulls all of the colors of your kitchen together.

See it in a real kitchen: These aren’t the darkest cabinets, but our London, Ohio clients paired a soft white subway tile with a blackish/brown, beige and white tile deco strip. We think the combination of colors, sizes and patterns looks stunning.

Wood Paneling

Yes, you read that right! But we’re not talking about the wood paneling you saw on living room walls in the 70s and 80s. This is an updated, trendy version of the old school trend. We added this rustic wood as a backsplash in a bathroom and the texture and color complemented the dark brown cabinets beautifully. Texture is all the rage right now, so if you like the rustic yet classy look, consider this unique combination.

See it in a real bathroom: We haven’t mixed these materials in a kitchen yet, but it’s sure to look fantastic. See the way it turned out in this stunning bathroom remodel in London, Ohio — we’re in love!

Full Height Backsplash

Want to make a splash with your backsplash? One surefire way to impress guests is to make your countertop extend into your backsplash. That’s right — instead of using two different materials and patterns for a countertop and backsplash, you use the same one to create a smooth, seamless look.

This looks great when you use contrasting colors and patterns between your countertop/backsplash and cabinets. For example, use a lighter-colored countertop/backsplash with darker cabinets.

See it in a real kitchen: Our clients in London, Ohio set the bar high when they used a trendy full height backsplash for their kitchen remodel. It definitely makes a statement!

When deciding which backsplash colors and materials to pair with your dark cabinets, consider how much you want your backsplash to stand out. If you want it to draw eyes, pick something in a high-contrast color, texture, or pattern. If you want something else in your kitchen to pop, use a backsplash that blends in more with your cabinets.

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