Tile and Grout Color Combinations for Kitchens

Tile and Grout Color Combinations for Kitchens

Are you planning to use tile in your kitchen? Whether it’s for a backsplash, flooring, or countertop, most tiles require the use of grout.

Grout is a water-resistant, solid, and consistently pigmented material made from a combination of cement, aggregate, and materials like sand. It usually comes in a powder form and requires mixing with water to give it more of a putty consistency. Grout is used as a filler for the gaps between tiles after the tile is installed.

Grout comes in a wide variety of colors and shades. It’s important to choose the right grout color to match your tile, and you should also consider how the grout will look with other finishes in the room like wall color, trim color, and cabinets.

Despite the many options, picking a grout color doesn’t have to be a difficult or complicated task. Here are a few of the most common tile and grout color combinations for kitchens:

White + White

For a neutral look that’s sure to match any other finishes in your kitchen, go with white and white. We often see clients choosing white subway tiles grouted with white, which creates a clean, simple aesthetic. It’s perfect if you want minimal color in your kitchen, or you want your tile and grout to be neutral so a different element, like your cabinets or island, can take the spotlight.

White + Black

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want your white tile to stand out, use a darker shade of grout, like black. This gives more dimension to each tile while sticking with a classic look. Also, black grout is fairly easy to keep clean because it hides dirt and stains better than lighter-colored grout does. The only downside to using black grout is that it could fade slightly over time and gradually become lighter.

Gray + Gray

Gray color schemes have been popular for a few years now — probably because it’s a safe neutral that goes with almost anything. We love the simple look of gray tile paired with a similar gray grout. It gives the tile more of a seamless, uniform look. Gray grout is also easy to keep clean and you don’t have to worry too much about fading.

One thing to pay attention to when it comes to gray grout is the shade. There are so many different shades of gray to choose from — from blue-grays to beige-grays to brown-grays. Just make sure that whichever shade you choose matches the tile (or other finishes in your kitchen) well.

Gray + White

If you love the look of gray tile but want each tile to have a little “pop”, consider using white grout. This sets each tile a part and gives it more of a 3D look while remaining neutral. White grout is a safe, timeless choice for kitchens and it will likely always be in style.

Black + Black

If you want to use your tile as the place for color, black is a hot option right now. Tiles with black patterns (or completely black tile) look fantastic paired with black or dark gray grout. This contemporary approach pairs well with lighter colored kitchen cabinets and walls, as it adds some darkness to the room without being overwhelming.

Blue + White

Various shades of blue have been popular lately, and we’re expecting to see more blues throughout 2023. It’s a beautiful color to use in your tile, especially in backsplashes. We love the look of blue tiles paired with white grout, which makes the blue pop and draws attention to the tile. It’s the perfect way to add some vibrant color to your kitchen.

Should my grout be lighter or darker than the tile?

This is completely up to you and the design you’re trying to accomplish. You can add more dimension to basic tiles, such as plain white subway tile, by using a contrasting grout color. But if you choose a tile that reflects a lot of light and is stunning on its own, you may want to use a grout that more closely matches the color of the tile.

Which color of grout is the easiest to maintain?

Grout fades over time. It also gets dirty easily because it acts like a sponge and soaks up anything it comes into contact with. In kitchens where messes and spills are common, keep this in mind as you choose your grout color. White could stain more easily than colors like beige, gray, or black. Our best advice if you want a low-maintenance grout is to choose something closer to the color of dirt, which won’t stain or fade as easily as other colors.

We want you to love the tile in your kitchen, and that means you also need to love the grout. Talk to your kitchen designer about the pros and cons of various tile and grout combinations. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to make your kitchen remodel a winner.

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