Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends to Watch

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

There’s something appealing about an elegant, updated kitchen. It’s hard not to love a kitchen that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. But is it possible to make your kitchen look as luxurious as those you see on your social media feeds and interior design magazines? With the right design choices, the answer is YES.

We’ve worked with many clients who approach their kitchen renovations with one goal in mind: Luxury. They want a finished space that feels elegant, sophisticated, functional and beautiful — and that’s exactly what we give them.

If luxury is on your mind for your future kitchen remodel, consider these ideas and trends to watch:

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

luxury vinyl plank flooring

Why are luxury vinyl plank floors so popular among homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens? It’s attractive, strong and affordable. This trendy flooring material is completely resistant to moisture and everyday wear and tear. It’s impervious to water damage from spills and stains from messes, which happen frequently in kitchens.

There’s a reason the word “luxury” is used within the name of this material — it has a pleasing, expensive appearance. It’s available in a range of hues, grains, textures, and sizes. Luxury vinyl planks feel softer and more cushioned against the feet compared to ordinary vinyl flooring because the planks are thicker. Some people even mistake it for real hardwood, but without the high price tag.

Elegant Details

elegant details in the kitchen

Sometimes the best way to make a kitchen feel more luxurious is to focus on the small details. For example, the cabinet and appliance hardware you choose can transform an ordinary, outdated kitchen into a sophisticated, modern one. And yes, you can upgrade your appliance hardware to make it look more expensive!

We love the classy feel of all of the details in The Studer Kitchen, including the herringbone pattern hardwood floor, the teal ceramic backsplash, the unique light fixtures, and the stunning gold hardware. If you asked us to pick one of our most luxurious kitchen remodels, this one surely makes the list.

White, Marble and Chrome

white, marble and chrome accents

Luxury goes hand-in-hand with bright neutrals like white. Marble, which comes in various shades of white or ivory, is one of the most elegant and classy materials you can use in a kitchen. Chrome also gives the impression of elegance because it looks so clean, sleek, and shiny — almost like a glittering diamond.

The Fairway Commons Kitchen we remodeled combined these components to create a deluxe, extravagant kitchen that pulls you in and makes you want to stay forever. This elegant yet inviting kitchen is crafted with refined trim detailing, tasteful subway tile backsplash and crisp chrome hardware finishing touches.

Lavish Lighting

luxury kitchen lighting

The light fixtures you choose for your kitchen can make or break your luxurious vibe. For something elegant and classic that makes your kitchen feel more expensive, choose lighting in lighter materials like chrome, brushed nickel or gold.

A chandelier in the kitchen screams luxury louder than anything else. Any style of chandelier, but particularly the glittering, glamorous crystal chandelier, will get you closer to a high-end look. Another option is globe-shaped pendant lights, which look opulent without going overboard. Many of the house renovations we’ve completed involved clients who chose globe-shaped light fixtures in their kitchens.

A Massive Island (or Two)

large kitchen island

What’s one thing that almost all expensive-looking kitchens have in common? They usually have a huge island — some even have double islands. This is one of the most requested items when we work with clients to design their dream kitchens. There’s something so grand (and functional) about having a big kitchen with a sprawling island as the focal point in the room.

To bring the luxuriousness up a notch, use marble or quartz countertops on the island and include an island mount range hood. If you don’t use an island mount range hood, choose some of the elegant light fixtures mentioned above, like a fancy chandelier or glass pendants.

Through strategic use of colors, flooring materials, cabinet and appliance hardware, cabinet design, and light fixtures, you can transform your existing kitchen into one from the magazines. It’s totally possible no matter the size of your kitchen — you just have to make the right design choices.

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