2023 Kitchen Remodeling Trends and Predictions

2023 kitchen remodeling design trends

When revamping your kitchen, there’s no question you want something that’s both attractive and functional. Nobody wants an out-of-date kitchen, especially if they plan to sell their home anytime soon. The aim is to strike the appropriate mix of what YOU like and what the rest of society likes — a blend of personal preference and trendiness.

Some kitchen remodeling trends stand the test of time. They stay consistent for years, while others come in and out of style faster than a dog with a bone. What can you expect from 2023’s most popular kitchen designs? Here’s what we’re seeing so far in our kitchen renovations, as well as what we expect to see for the rest of the year (and beyond).

Light-Colored Cabinets

No matter how you feel about white kitchen cabinets, they’re here to stay. A majority of our clients choose light-colored cabinets, and most of our projects involve replacing or refacing old, dark cabinets with new, lighter ones. If you want to try something trendy and different (or you can’t stand bright white cabinets), try a lighter shade of gray, blue or off-white. We love the way changing dark cabinets to something lighter can brighten up the space.

Beverage Bar Areas

Do you have an unused corner of your kitchen that you want to take advantage of? Do you love coffee, wine, beer, or other beverages? Consider turning the wasted space into a dedicated beverage bar area with a mini-fridge, shelving/ cabinets for glasses, and more.

Some of our clients are creating spaces for their espresso makers, wine collections, or beer fridges. This is a popular feature we’re seeing more and more, and we’re here for it.

Custom Storage Solutions

We mentioned this trend in last year’s post and it’s still here one year later. For 2023, homeowners still appreciate and prioritize improved utility in their kitchens, and that means more (and better) storage. It’s time to veer away from traditional, standard cabinets and move towards storage upgrades like pet food bowl drawers, pull-out spice racks, dish organizers, trash and recycling cabinets, pantry roll-outs, and more. Think of how organized your kitchen will be when everything has a dedicated place out of view. You’re going to love it!

Full Height Backsplashes

Who says your backsplash and countertop have to be two different materials and patterns? That’s an outdated trend. The NEW trend is a granite or quartz countertop that seamlessly blends into the backsplash slab made of the same material. We’ve had quite a few clients choose this concept for their kitchen remodels recently and it’s such a refreshing, original way to finalize a kitchen.

Open Shelving

Some might say open shelving is a trend of the past, but we’re still seeing it in plenty of modern kitchen remodels. As long as you keep it organized and uncluttered, adding open shelves to your kitchen can create variety and multi-dimensional texture. Use it as a place to display your favorite decor and knick-knacks, or use it to thoughtfully store beloved kitchen items like fancy dinnerware or sleek canisters. Adding a touch of open shelving is a fantastic way to add flair to your kitchen remodel.

Rustic Wood

If you’re not a fan of painted cabinets, you’ll be happy to know that light-colored, rustic wood tones are in style, too. We love how the use of wood in a kitchen, mixed with contemporary features like quartz countertops and full height backsplashes, can make a modern style feel cozy. We’re seeing more homeowners pair grained walnut or white oak cabinets with sleek slab doors, neutral countertops, and silver hardware.

One of our clients (above) even added wooden beams and columns, which matched the rest of the kitchen perfectly. What do you think of the completed project?

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting time. The elements you choose should match your own personal style, but they should also have some level of trendiness so your kitchen looks up-to-date. Knowing the latest trends will turn the finished result into a magnificent kitchen you’ll love for years to come.

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