Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Small Spaces: Before and After

kitchen remodel ideas for small space before and after

When it comes to considering kitchen remodel ideas for small spaces, you want to ensure the plan you choose will make the most sense for the space you’re given. While kitchen bump-outs and additions are possible, they’re not always feasible. What is feasible is taking advantage of a tight space by:

  • Optimizing the layout
  • Removing walls to open up the space
  • Adding windows for more natural light
  • Using the space you DO have wisely

For example, smart built-in storage solutions, like utensil drawers and trash bin holders, provide increased efficiency in a tight space. Because the essential items are tucked away inside the cabinets, they take up little space but are still accessible when you need them.

If you need ideas for a small kitchen remodel, we’ve got them. Our team has worked with numerous clients on smaller kitchen renovations.

5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Small Spaces

Here are just some examples that will help you make the most of a kitchen that’s on the smaller side.

Give the Illusion of More Space

small kitchen remodel

It’s amazing what adding a few windows or opening up a wall can do to a small kitchen. Even adding a window or opening overlooking another room can make it feel like the space is a bit bigger. That’s the vibe we got in our Clearview Ave. kitchen remodel, which had a small kitchen with a big window overlooking another area of the home.

While doing dishes at the sink, the homeowner can feel like they’re a part of the activity happening in the next room, even though they’re tucked away in the kitchen. It’s a happy compromise for making the most of a closed-off kitchen.

Take Advantage of Floor Space

small kitchen renovation with island

If you don’t have a lot of wall space for cabinets, but you have a large area in the center of your kitchen, consider a huge island. This is not only a great place for dining, it’s also a wonderful addition for increased storage and countertop space. You’ll have plenty of room to prep and cook foods, gather around a tray of appetizers, or relax with a warm cup of tea.

In this client example, we used live edge island countertops as a striking way to invite people to gather around this focal point. Plus, imagine how many dishes and small appliances the homeowner can fit inside an island of that size!

Create an Efficient Layout

The layout of your kitchen cabinets and appliances can make or break the flow and functionality of the room. You need enough space to move around while cooking and entertaining — like going from the sink to the stove to the refrigerator. The best layouts ensure there’s a pathway to keep “traffic” flowing smoothly.

Also, consider the distance and ease of use between the main appliances. Don’t put your stove and dishwasher too far away from the sink, because as you go from cleaning and prepping food to cooking it (then cleaning up), you won’t want to walk too far each time. In the long-run, you’ll be happy you prioritized convenience.

Prioritize Functional Storage Solutions

storage solutions for a small kitchen

When you’re working with a small amount of square footage, you’ve got to make the most of the space you have. That means using your storage options wisely. Think about all of the different items you plan to store in your kitchen (or keep close by.) Consider whether special types of cabinets would make storage and organization easier:

  • Roll-out spice racks
  • Pet feeding drawer
  • Recycling centers
  • Dinnerware drawers
  • Pan holders
  • Wine cubes

Build Up

small kitchen renovation before and after

Does your older, outdated kitchen have a soffit above the cabinets? Depending on what’s inside of it, most soffits are able to be removed, providing more room to build up with taller cabinets. In the above before and after, we removed an unnecessary soffit and added larger cabinets, providing much more storage space for the homeowner.

Depending on the height of your kitchen ceiling, the standard cabinet height may not reach the top of the ceiling. That gap between the top of the cabinet and your ceiling is potential storage space! All it takes is a taller cabinet. Instead of 36 inches, opt for a taller cabinet, like 42 inches.

Depending on how they fit in the kitchen layout, work with your designer to choose cabinets that are wider and deeper than the standard cabinet. Width options range from 12 to 36 inches and depth options are 12 to 24 inches. Remember: Wall cabinets cannot surpass the depth of a base cabinet.

Small kitchens can be beautiful and functional. It’s all about using what you’ve got to your advantage. Work with your kitchen designer to maximize the space with the right options, like storage solutions, an efficient layout, and taller cabinets. We often work with clients who have smaller kitchens, but after some tweaks in layout and storage solutions, the end result is everything the homeowners want it to be — and more.

Small Kitchen Remodeling & Refacing Solutions

Every home deserves a kitchen that’s beautiful, welcoming, and functional — designed for the way you live. Established by two long-time central Ohio homebuilders and craftsmen, The Creative Kitchen Co. offers customized kitchen remodeling and refacing solutions for both small and large spaces. Contact us for more information.