Pull-Out Pantry Shelves: What You Should Know

Pull-Out Pantry Shelves Columbus Ohio

The pantry is one of the most beloved kitchen storage solutions. Not only does it tuck away unsightly clutter, it keeps everyday items in a reachable, organized place. Depending on the pantry size, it also allows you to stock up on essentials so you always have them on-hand when needed.

But there’s one feature that can turn a normal, beloved kitchen pantry into a homeowner’s best friend: roll outs. Having rolling shelves in your pantry makes it even easier to access. It’s a trendy add-on that takes a newly remodeled kitchen up a notch in terms of efficiency and functionality.

How do you know if pull-out pantry shelves are right for your kitchen? Let’s review the must-know details.


Pull-out kitchen pantry shelves increase accessibility: Do you have little ones who are gaining independence? Pantry roll-outs are easy for people of all ages to access. When you put them in tall pantry cabinets, little ones can reach the bottom pull-out shelves. That makes it a great place to put snacks and other items you don’t mind your child accessing.

With that in mind, you can reserve the top pull-out shelves for items that are off-limits to kids, like alcohol or cleaning products. You can even use it to keep sweets and treats out of reach among little ones, but easily accessible to everyone else.

Pull-out kitchen pantry shelves are space-savers: When you maximize your kitchen with pull-out pantry shelves, you’re maximizing the space. Even those nooks and crannies that normally get no use (like the back corners of corner or bottom cabinets) can hold items easily within reach. Think about all of the added storage space you’ll have now that you’re not avoiding those hard-to-reach areas.


Pull-out kitchen pantry shelves make your kitchen look better: One of the crucial components to having a beautiful kitchen is keeping clutter out-of-sight. That means you need more storage to put away items typically left on your countertops. One of the best parts of having pull-out pantry shelves is the enhanced ability to keep that clutter better organized. In a normal cabinet with shelving, items get pushed to the back and become hard to reach. With a roll-out, even items in the back are accessible when you pull out the shelf. That means no more digging for missing Tupperware lids or your favorite spatula.

Your back will thank you: Remember how sore your back got from all of that squatting and bending to reach items in the lower back of cabinets? You’re bending and twisting and still can’t see what you’re looking for. Use roll-outs to bring the items from inside the cabinet directly to you. Your back will no longer ache — a benefit you can’t ignore.

Other Considerations

When deciding what type of pull-out pantry shelves to put in your kitchen, consider the following options:

  • Sloping sides: Some roll-outs have sides that are taller towards the back and shorter in the front. This is perfect for staggering items of different heights. Put your taller items in the back where they’ll be more stable, and shorter items in the front where you can see them.
  • The right slides: You have a few options with the sliders that make your shelves roll out. Roller slides are affordable and easy to install, but they only extend the shelf three-quarters. Ball-bearing slides are slightly more expensive and more difficult to install, but they can extend the shelf all the way out.
  • Multiple roll-outs in wide spaces: The smaller width a pull-out shelf is, the easier it will glide. If the pantry cabinet is more than 30 in. wide, consider installing two narrower rollouts side-by-side.

Pull-out kitchen pantry shelves are an added feature that offer tons of benefits to homeowners. They’re appealing, efficient, and smart. Talk to your kitchen designer about installing roll-outs in your pantry cabinets to enhance the functionality of your space.

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