Design Trends For Ohio Kitchens

Design Trends For Ohio Kitchens: What’s hot and what’s not!

Each year in late winter, Ohio homeowners often take stock of renovation ideas that they need to consider come Springtime. It’s always a good idea to start planning early, so that you can line up all the ideas and resources you need ahead of time to ensure a successful remodelling project. Most Ohio residents will tell you that remodelling your kitchen will probably give you the greatest amount of satisfaction.

So, what should you consider for your next kitchen renovation?

Next Year’s Kitchen Trends

Based on what appears to be the next wave in kitchen renovations, here are a few ideas for you to think about NOW, when you make your remodelling list for next year:
1. Kitchen cabinetry
While ornate style kitchen cabinets are still popular, the next trend in kitchen cabinetry is likely to be flat-panel cabinets. The demand for these simple and elegant designs seem to be on the rise from many Ohio homeowners.

Neutral coloured cabinets, such as white or vanilla, are far more preferred than other colour choices. That’s because they blend in well with both traditional as well as contemporary kitchen designs. However, cabinet makers are also reporting increasing inquiries for other vibrant colored cabinetry too.

2. Kitchen flooring
When it comes to kitchen floors, the trend amongst Ohio homeowners seems to be a preference for both looks and durability. Ceramic and porcelain tiles seem to be a popular choice, primarily because of the ease of maintenance. However, hardwood floors with deep hues are also in demand. When choosing your floor colour however, remember to coordinate them with your cabinets. For instance, darker shades of gray might make a great contrast for your white or vanilla cabinetry.

3. Kitchen counter tops
Once again, durability seems to be the word of the day when it comes to the next trend for homeowners’ kitchen counter top choices. While traditionalists still prefer the trusted granite top, more contemporary homeowners seem to lean towards engineered quarts as their material for counter tops. Millennials are also making their influence on counter top trends, with younger homeowners favouring butcher block tops.

When it comes to colours, Ohio homeowners seem to overwhelmingly favour white or varying hues thereof for their counter tops. However, depending on the overall colour scheme that you may choose for your remodel project, multi-colored kitchen counter tops may also fit in well.

Decision Time

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make, when launching a new kitchen remodelling project, is to leave things until the last moment. As you get closer to your desired remodel date, planning and scheduling becomes a challenge. The result: In an effort to meet your completion date, you (or professionals you hire) may be tempted to cut corners.

The best thing for you to do is work with a professional kitchen remodeling company NOW, and prepare a detailed plan of what you need done. That way, by the time D-day arrives, you not only will have reviewed multiple design ideas, but your design professionals will also have all the time they need to do the job right!