Cost effective Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Cost-effective Kitchen Remodelling Ideas: What’s worth investing in?

Some of the smallest things can have the biggest impact on your remodelling project. If you know what you are doing and plan on remodelling it yourself, or whether you get professional kitchen renovators to help, here are two ideas worth considering:

1) Kitchen workflow
To most homeowners, the kitchen is where you’ll likely be producing some of your most creative “works of art”. And like a true artist, you need to focus on what makes your kitchen what it is – the devices and appliances that help enhance your creativity!
Here are three areas in your kitchen that you should focus on:

  • Your sink: Consider whether you need a double sink or a single; the types of faucets you need, and any counter-top space you might require in and around the sink
  • Your refrigerator: Your choice of a refrigerator can either enhance or destroy the impact of your entire remodelling effort. Choose a refrigerator that’s right-sized for your kitchen space, and make sure that it is colour-coordinated with the walls and cabinetry.
  • Your stove: The biggest mistake that homeowners make when remodelling their kitchen is to go out and buy the most expensive stove available. Before making the purchase, consider whether you really need a chef-grade stove that will likely blow your budget off by hundreds of dollars!
    Professional kitchen modellers call the profile created by these three kitchen devices/appliances “the work triangle”. When undertaking a successful renovation project, make sure the 3 are related to one-another in a triangular fashion to ensure the most efficient kitchen workflow.

2) Kitchen comforts
DIY kitchen remodelers often sweat the “small stuff” in order to stay within budget. Sometimes, it’s those very small things that make a successful remodel. For instance, why not go ahead and spend on some additional storage space, like deep and long drawers and dividers NOW, while you are doing the renos. And while you are at, think about installing soft close drawer slides and good-quality handles and pulls too.

While these may seem expensive add-ons to consider at first, they really are not! Imagine having to re-visit your cabinets to retrofit them with these additional features a few months down the line. And when you consider the costs, they really aren’t too significant considering the overall remodelling budget.

Doing It Right The First Time!

If renovations and remodelling are your “thing”, then more power to you – go right ahead and start redoing your kitchen. However, for most homeowners here’s a bit of sage advice: If you aren’t comfortable with a paint brush and a hammer – get help!

There’s nothing worse than having a really ugly kitchen do-over. But being responsible for the mess yourself, is something that you’ll never live down. If you aren’t so sure what to do, the best thing you can do is reach out to a professional kitchen remodelling firm and consult with them. Worried about cost? As it turns out, doing it right the first time, using professional help, is way less costly than re-doing it several times over using a DIY approach!