Contrasting Kitchen Island Ideas: 5 Trends That Pop

A kitchen island is a fantastic (and strategic) addition to a kitchen remodel. Not only does the island provide tons of countertop and storage space, it allows for a central gathering space in the most important room of the home. If you’re going to have a kitchen island, why not make it one that draws attention in a positive way? That’s where the contrasting kitchen island trend comes in.

As the center of the kitchen, the island is the perfect piece to accent with contrasting colors, textures, patterns, or unique features. It can become a statement piece for the room and put the finishing touch on your fabulous, new kitchen.

Here are a few contrasting kitchen island ideas to turn your typical island into one that truly pops.

Contrasting Kitchen Island Ideas & Trends

1) Give it a Vibrant Color

contrasting kitchen island ideas

Neutral shades for things like cabinets and countertops are always a win, but why not give your island a stunning splash of color? Make your kitchen island different from the rest of the cabinets with a trendy shade like green or blue. If you want to take it a step further, pair it with a unique and appealing countertop that differs from the rest of the countertops. As long as everything coordinates well together, you’re sure to add flair and personality to your kitchen.

2) Create a Tile Mosaic

tile mosaic kitchen island trend

Tiles with bold colors and patterns are the perfect way to set your kitchen island apart from other areas of the room. When added to a kitchen with lots of neutral materials like white cabinets, light-colored walls and sleek, smooth countertops, bold tile patterns can really pop. It’s the perfect focal point for the room, especially when used in an unexpected place (cue the kitchen island).

3) Add a Live Edge Countertop

live edge kitchen island example

A live edge countertop slab adds natural character and makes the kitchen island even more of a focal point than it already is. It’s also functional and durable, making it ideal for any food prep and project station. We love the way it was used in our Earnst Kitchen project. Live edge butcher block countertops are naturally beautiful, so this unique addition to your kitchen is sure to draw eyes (and compliments) from guests.

4) Try a Waterfall Countertop

waterfall countertop idea


One of the trends we’re seeing more often is the beautiful waterfall effect for kitchen island countertops. This is when the countertop extends beyond the top of the island down the entire side (or both sides). It’s stunning, elegant, and a surefire way to add contrast and classiness to your kitchen. The waterfall countertop looks especially attractive when you use a bold countertop that’s unique to the island itself, but complements the rest of the kitchen design.

5) Add Unique Paneling

wood paneling contrasting kitchen island

If you don’t like the look of patterned tile, consider adding some type of wood or stone paneling to the front side of your island. If you want to add a touch of rustic to your kitchen’s style, use natural-looking wood paneling, like this example from our Kent Kitchen. If you want something more elegant and classic, consider stacked stone. Either option is a beautiful way to make your kitchen island stand out.

The kitchen island is a stunner and a wonderful addition to a kitchen remodel. But if you want to take it to the next level, consider adding contrast. By using one of the ideas above, you can draw even more attention to this central gathering space in the heart of the home.

Contrasting Kitchen Island Remodeling & Redesign Solutions

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