Beautiful Rustic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

rustic kitchen backsplash ideas

There’s something charming about a rustic kitchen. It makes you think of a laid-back, cozy space filled with the aroma of a home-cooked meal or fresh baked goodies. We can bet that it’ll instantly make you relax as you revel in the confirmation that imperfections are beautiful.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen and rustic is the vibe you’re going for, we’re here to help. Let’s review some of the beautiful, weathered kitchen backsplashes we’ve seen in recent years — hopefully it’ll help spark some inspiration for your own kitchen makeover.

Thick, Visible Grout

rustic kitchen backsplash with visible grout

What makes a backsplash rustic? It probably has something to do with the slight imperfections that make it unique. When thick grout is used between bricks, for example, not one inch of the backsplash is the same as another. This exposed brick in our Kennell kitchen remodel is one that looks old and worn, but is in fact part of a kitchen remodel. We love the rough, textured surface and white washed bricks that add depth to the kitchen walls. The backsplash pulls some color into the room against the crisp white cabinets, and the unpolished look gives it a natural, cozy, rustic feel.

Rustic Redefined

redefined rustic kitchen backsplash

There’s a reason we call this kitchen remodel “rustic redefined”. So many creative details went into this inviting, homey kitchen/dining space. A reclaimed wood range hood, 2-way fireplace, built-in wine cooler, two tone cabinets, sliding barn doors, custom Edison bulb chandelier, and of course the brick backsplash all combine to give it a cozy, inviting feel. Notice the backsplash on the front of the island (under the chairs), too, which draws eyes and adds extra flair.

Stacked Stone

stacked stone rustic kitchen backsplash

What else makes a backsplash look rustic? Texture. Smooth and sleek are not the characteristics you would typically go for if you want your backsplash to fit a simple, homely style. Rather, look for material like limestone that provides tons of texture and unique variations. No two stones are alike, and this natural imperfection is exactly what a rustic kitchen needs.

Tile that Looks Weathered

rustic kitchen backsplash with weathered tile


Another way to get that rustic look from a kitchen remodel is to select materials that have an older, vintage look despite being brand new. This example shows glossy tiles that have color and pattern variations designed to look old. They almost look as if they could be original to an older house, despite the glossy sheen. But good news — you don’t have to have old or original materials to get the look of something dated.

Shiplap Backsplash

shiplap backsplash in the kitchen


Who says your kitchen backsplash has to be stone, brick, or tile? Some people are opting for shiplap in their kitchens — not just on the walls, but for use as backsplashes, too. Shiplap is technically made of wood, and what’s more rustic than wood? And since shiplap is traditionally white, it’s the perfect way to add a clean, cozy feel to your kitchen, especially if your cabinets and countertops are contrasting colors.

Never underestimate the beauty of a weathered backsplash. It brings such a natural yet aesthetically-pleasing look to a kitchen and will make you feel right at home. Consider brick with uneven, natural-looking grout, stacked stone, weathered tile, or even shiplap for use in a kitchen backsplash.

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