Achieving an Organized Pantry: 12 Design and Storage Ideas

A cabinet with pantry roll-out cabinets.

A well-organized pantry is the unsung hero of your kitchen. Why? It brings order to chaos and makes meal prep a breeze. Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel from scratch or simply looking to upgrade your existing pantry, we’ve got you covered.

These pantry design and storage ideas that will help you maximize this special space, regardless of its size. Say goodbye to cluttered shelves and lost ingredients — let’s transform your pantry into a functional and organized culinary haven.

Ideas for a Pantry Cabinet

If your kitchen doesn’t allow for a full, walk-in pantry, you can still experience the same benefits with a large pantry cabinet. It’s all about maximizing the space you do have.

Make the most of your pantry cabinet by prioritizing:

  • Optimal placement: Put pantry cabinets in strategic locations, ensuring easy access from both the kitchen and dining area. This minimizes traffic and enhances the flow of your kitchen.
  • Shelving heights: Customize the interior of your pantry cabinets with adjustable shelves. This allows you to accommodate items of varying heights, from tall cereal boxes to small spice jars.
  • Pull-out shelves: For a touch of elegance and convenience, invest in pull-out shelves within your pantry cabinets. These sliding shelves make it a breeze to reach items at the back without the need for excavation missions.

Ideas for a Walk-in Pantry

There’s something dreamy about a walk-in pantry. In fact, research shows that a walk-in pantry is the most desired kitchen feature, with 83% of house buyers describing it as a must-have or desirable item. And when it comes to adding value to your home, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) say that homeowners can expect to recuperate 52% to 67% of their walk-in pantry investment.

If you have the luxury of space and a walk-in pantry is included in your plan for your kitchen remodel, this is your opportunity to create a storage masterpiece. Consider incorporating:

  • Clear containers: Invest in clear, airtight containers for storing dry goods like pasta, rice, and snacks. Not only do they keep ingredients fresh, but they also provide a clear view of your pantry’s contents, making grocery lists a breeze.
  • Open shelving: Balance the practicality of cabinets with the openness of shelves. Open shelving in your walk-in pantry allows for easy access to everyday essentials like spices, oils, and canned goods. Consider adding decorative baskets to enhance the aesthetics.
  • A countertop workspace: If space permits, include a countertop within your walk-in pantry. This provides an extra workspace for meal preparation, appliance storage, or even a coffee station.
  • Lazy Susans: Lazy Susans aren’t just for your dining table. Install them on pantry shelves to effortlessly access condiments, sauces, or even small kitchen appliances with a simple spin.
  • Door storage: Maximize every inch of your pantry by incorporating door-mounted storage. Hooks, racks, and pockets can house items like cutting boards, measuring cups, or even cleaning supplies.
  • Labeling: Labeling is the unsung hero of pantry organization. Clearly label containers and shelves to ensure that everyone in the household knows where items belong. This simple practice minimizes clutter and saves time.
  • Chalkboard or whiteboard: Paint one pantry wall with chalkboard or whiteboard paint. This versatile surface can serve as a place for grocery lists, family notes, or even doodles.
  • LED lighting: Consider installing LED strip lighting on pantry shelves. These energy-efficient lights provide even illumination, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shadows.
  • Motion-activated lighting: Install motion-activated LED lighting in your walk-in pantry. This innovative lighting solution detects movement when you enter the pantry, automatically illuminating the space. It’s a hands-free way to ensure you have ample light as soon as you step inside, and it conserves energy by turning off when there’s no movement detected.

The pantry is one of the most beloved kitchen storage solutions. Not only does it tuck away unsightly clutter, it keeps everyday items in a reachable, organized place. Talk to your kitchen designer about storage and design ideas to make the most of your pantry space — big or small.

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