Sizzling Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Black Countertops

There’s something aesthetically appealing about black countertops. They’re sophisticated, elegant, and sharp. They demand attention and pull together a room, especially when all of the other elements complement them.

For black countertops to look great, you’ve got to pair them with kitchen backsplashes that match. The backsplash should bring the right amount of sizzle to an already hot space — it’s going to have a lot of weight to carry to look good next to that stunning black countertop.

What Backsplash Goes with Black Countertops? 5 Hot Ideas

So, how do you know which backsplash patterns and materials will pair best with black countertops, especially when you can’t put them next to each other before purchasing? Let’s browse some of our favorite kitchen backsplash ideas for black countertops.

Gray Tile

black countertop kitchen backsplash ideas

For an updated and modern, yet neutral look, you can’t go wrong pairing black with gray. The colors complement each other well. We love the look of medium gray subway tile next to a black granite, quartz or solid surface countertop. It looks fantastic with black fixtures like faucets and door knobs/pulls. For cabinets, pair this color combo with bright white.

White Mosaic Marble

white mosaic marble with black counter


If your black countertop has white veining, it’ll look nice up against a white backsplash. Add some flair with a unique pattern or mosaic — you can mix your smooth, simple countertop with a more intricate backsplash. On the other hand, if your black countertop is busy, keep your white marble backsplash sleek and uncomplicated. You want the combination to be just enough for the eyes, but not overwhelming.

Unique Patterns and Layouts

unique backsplash patterns

Do you like the polished, smooth look of subway tile, but want something a bit different? Alter the pattern. Our Shoreham Drive kitchen remodel took its traditional white kitchen backsplash to a new level with herringbone patterned subway tile. It looks fantastic next to the dark, mostly-black countertops that have subtle variation and color.

Black on Black

black on black countertops


We’re seeing more people go ALL dark with black countertops and black backsplashes. Yes, that’s a lot of black, but look at how sharp and modern it looks! We love the use of varying textures in this example that shows rectangular tiles paired with black grout. To add some color and dimension, try using a lighter grout, like white or gray. This will make the individual tiles “pop” against the dark counters.

Painted Brick

painted brick backsplash


Brick is a textured, trendy backsplash material that has plenty of visual appeal. Not only do brick backsplashes bring uniqueness through natural imperfections, the rough, rustic surface adds depth to kitchen walls, especially against sleek, smooth countertops. You can leave the brick backsplash in its natural color, or paint it a complementary color like white or gray.

Black will always be in style. It’s elegant, sophisticated, neutral, and beautiful. One of the best parts of having black countertops is that they look fantastic paired with a variety of kitchen backsplashes. From varying textures and patterns to colors and sizes, you’re sure to find many sizzling backsplash ideas for your black kitchen countertops.

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