Top Trending Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

A kitchen renovation is a major investment, so of course you want the final result to be stylish and on-trend. How do you know if the different elements you choose — like countertop material, backsplash design, and kitchen cabinet color — are not only popular today, but will stay popular for years to come?

First, check to see what other homeowners are choosing for their kitchen remodels. Since we work with many different clients throughout the year, we see for ourselves the current trends. We also have years of experience and knowledge to know what the long-lasting trends have been — and will continue to be moving forward.

Let’s zone in on the top trending kitchen cabinet color ideas and go through some of the top choices we’ve seen among clients recently.

Top Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas & Trends

White Cabinets

top trending kitchen cabinet color ideas white cabinets

We always have clients who choose white or off-white cabinets for their kitchen remodels. This is a classic color that continues to be trendy and stand against the test of time. It’s clean, neutral, bright, and easy to pair with just about any backsplash, countertop, and flooring material. White is a go-to option if you want your kitchen to meet today’s style expectations while looking fresh and updated. It’s also a safe color for home resale purposes.

Our Fairway Commons kitchen remodel is a great example of how clean, classy, and elegant white cabinets can look.

Gray Cabinets

gray kitchen cabinet color ideas

We’re seeing more and more clients choose gray as a central part of their kitchen color scheme. Similar to white, it’s neutral and pairs well with a variety of other colors and patterns. In our Dayspring Drive kitchen, the cabinets are a sleek gray and the backsplash brings some variety with a pop of color and eye-catching pattern. The gray lets the other aspects of the kitchen, such as the backsplash and lighting, truly stand out.

Green or Blue Cabinets

green kitchen cabinet trends example

While white cabinets are still popular (and probably always will be), pops of color on kitchen cabinets are on the rise. Some people choose neutral cabinet colors for most of the cabinets, then use bold colors in individual areas, like islands. Others bravely decide to use the bold colors, like blues and greens, throughout the entire kitchen.

The Earnst kitchen remodel is a perfect example of how a bold color, like green, can look on a central feature like an island. The rest of the cabinets are a neutral white.

Dark Brown, Stained Cabinets

brown stained kitchen cabinets example

Many people want warmth in their kitchens. One cabinet design that brings the heat is walnut, which has a rich, dark color and fine grain. When paired with light countertops, deep stained cabinets make kitchens feel cozy and inviting. It’s the perfect option if commonly-used colors like dove white, gray or black aren’t your thing, but bold pops of color aren’t, either.

We love the deep, premium look of the stained kitchen cabinets in our Lyon Drive remodel.

Black Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

There’s something elegant and timeless about black cabinets. This dark color is neutral, so it’s easy to match other elements of a kitchen remodel like countertops and flooring. We often see clients pairing black cabinets with brushed nickel hardware and light fixtures, open shelving, and light countertops. It’s a wonderful kitchen cabinet color to give your space a modern, sophisticated look.

In our Mallard Circle kitchen remodel, the black cabinets take center stage, giving the room an updated, contemporary look.

Choosing a kitchen cabinet color is an important decision, and one you have to live with for years. Do you want cabinet colors that stand the test of time, or do you want to go with the latest trends that dazzle, but may or may not stay popular long-term? By selecting one of the above kitchen cabinet color ideas, you’re sure to have a trendy kitchen that impresses everyone who sees it.

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