Contemporary Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas With Pictures

There’s something satisfying about a sleek, modern kitchen. It’s up-to-date and visually appealing. It shines in all of the right places. It’s welcoming and pleasant but also functional.

If you naturally gravitate toward contemporary styles, especially with interior design, the modern kitchen is for you. While you may have a good idea of what style of cabinets you like, the color you’re going to paint the walls, and the sparkling new appliances you want, one question remains: What about contemporary kitchen flooring?

There are tons of contemporary kitchen floor tile ideas to consider for your kitchen remodel. It all comes down to what speaks to you and what’s going to pair well with all of your other finishes and materials.

Let’s explore some options.

5 Contemporary Kitchen Floor Considerations

Dark Tile

contemporary kitchen floor tile

Contemporary kitchens are bringing bold back — in the flooring. Dark, assertive colors like black and gray look fantastic in a sleek kitchen with modern touches, like light-colored walls and flat-front, white cabinets. Use dark, contemporary kitchen tile floor to draw eyes with color, but keep it modern with neutral tones.

Large, Wood-Look Tiles

wood-look floor


Who says you can’t have the look of wood floors in a contemporary kitchen? With wood-look tiles, you can. This versatile flooring comes in a wide range of colors and plank sizes. For a more modern look, choose gray or whitewashed shades in huge planks. Many homeowners love this type of flooring because you get all of the benefits of tile (hello, easy clean-up) with the beauty and luxury of wood.

Concrete and Concrete-Look Tile

concrete-look tile


One of the best ways to bring the modern look to your kitchen is with concrete flooring. No, we’re not talking about your traditional concrete floor found in garages and basements. This is concrete taken to the next level (in tile form) through polishing, staining, and etching. It’s strong, durable, and easy to maintain. On the downside, it’s cold and not very comfortable to walk on (but that’s what rugs are for, right?) Talk to your kitchen renovator about all of the possibilities with concrete flooring.

High Variation Tiles

high variation floor tile example

Another popular trend for contemporary kitchen floor tiles is high color variation. Instead of choosing tiles that are all one shade and offer little dimension, choose something that has tons of contrast from tile to tile. For example, maybe the primary color is gray, but the tile also has shades of white and black. This variation is a great way to incorporate more colors and patterns into a contemporary kitchen.

Unique Patterns

unique kitchen tile


The herringbone pattern (a V-shaped, weaving pattern shown in the photo above) is one idea for arranging floor tiles if you want to venture away from the traditional. No matter which tile material you choose, creating a contemporary pattern can take them to the next level. Another pattern idea is chevron, which has grown in popularity over the years. One of the pros to tile flooring is the numerous options for customization through pattern. You can make the flooring one-of-a-kind with a layout and design that’s built solely for your kitchen.

Choosing the right floor tile can make your contemporary kitchen come to life. It’s the foundation for whatever style you’re going for, so make sure to choose something that gives the right vibe. It also has to pair well with the other finishes you choose like your cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and light fixtures. Talk to your kitchen designer about contemporary floor tiles that (correctly) set the stage for your space.

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